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Green Electricity

renewable energies

Our Principles

The natural and always available sources of water, wind and sun provide us with clean and environmentally friendly energy.

When generating renewable electricity there is no need to burn fossil fuels such as coal or natural gas and no nuclear fuel rods are utilized. This means that neither CO2 emissions nor nuclear waste is created during electricity production. Therefore, electricity generated from water, wind and solar power is an important contribution to climate protection.

Our green electricity comes in different forms of renewable energy and is obtained from all over Europe.

Green electricity from hydropower is produced where there are high mountains or rivers. We prefer electricity from run-of-river power plants, as this type of power generation is particularly considerate of nature and the surrounding environment. Solar power is generated where the sun shines the longest and most intensively and electricity from wind is extracted where high-speed winds can be captured. Upon your wish, we also offer regional electricity if this is of importance to you.

As a modern energy supplier, you are committed to your region and promote social and sustainable projects on your doorstep.

Do you generate regional renewable electricity and would like to combine this with a physical direct delivery? It is understandable that you also attach importance to the origin of your (other) electricity or would like to get involved beyond that. We will happily support you in this regard and will be at your side with advice and assistance on all questions concerning renewable energies, portfolio changes, and regionality. You can obtain green electricity from us in accordance with TÜV, ok-power, GSL and our KlimaInvest products.

Our Products

We reject the use of nuclear and coal-fired power and therefore only purchase renewable electricity for our products from producers who do not operate nuclear and coal-fired power plants themselves. Instead, we are in favor of using the global potential available from naturally occurring and environmentally friendly resources such as solar, wind, and hydropower.

We also prefer to support small hydropower plants that use the natural flow of a river to generate electricity. The reconstruction and upgrading of plants are also used to achieve increased efficiency and additional environmental protection measures. Below you can find some examples of the diverse portfolio of plants from which we supply you as an energy supplier/municipal utility.

Our Hydropower Plant Åsmulfoss

Grong in central Norway is known for its idyllic mountain landscapes, which turns into an impressive white scenery covered with snow in winter. The river Namsen usually flows calmly and has its source in a lake near the Swedish border. A height difference of 10 meters has been used to produce green electricity at the Åsmulfoss run-of-river hydropower station since 1971.

Our Hydropower Plant Grøa

Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park is located in western Norway, south of the city Trondheim. The river Grøa has its source here and our power station of the same name is surrounded by mountains and wild nature. The power station is idyllically located directly on a fjord, reliably producing environmentally friendly electricity since 1999.

Our Wind Farm Midtfjellet

The island of Stord is often referred to as miniature Norway because of its extremely versatile landscape, surrounded by fjords, mountains, forests and agricultural land. The wind farm Midtfjellet was constructed here in 2012 with particular consideration for nature and the environment. Hiking trails provide access to special flora and fauna and were created to draw attention to the unique nature and the importance of protecting the area.
Our wind farm belongs to our parent company Aquila.

Our Hydropower Plant Bischofshofen

The waterfall Gainfeldbach is located near the town Bischofshofen, in the state of Salzburg. It has a fall of 50 meters and for anyone wishing to marvel at this impressive natural spectacle, there is the opportunity to climb the 350 steps to the top. There you will be rewarded with an impressive view of the city and the surrounding countryside. The river Salzach is flowing through Bischofshofen and has its source in the Kitzbühel Alps. South of Bischofshofen, our run-of-river power plant of the same name has been generating environmentally friendly and reliable green electricity since 1985.


As a KlimaInvest customer, you have the opportunity to have your green electricity products certified according to the VdTÜV Basic Guideline Green Electricity Energy 1304 10.2014 or according to the List of Criteria "Certified Green Electricity" in accordance with TÜV NORD CERT Standard A75-S026-1 (09.2014). We support you in the preparation and accompany you throughout the entire process.

Please feel free to contact us for further questions.

In addition, TÜV Rheinland confirms to us - and thus to you - once a year that our management of guarantees of origin for our KlimaInvest products is in line with our catalogues of criteria.
Moreover, TÜV Rheinland verifies and confirms the correct booking and cancelation of CO2 reduction units to compensate the upstream chain emissions of the KlimaInvest products in the green electricity sector. Our green electricity is certified.

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green electricity
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Support Contribution

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and each of the steps counts. The climate is global and affects us all and in line with this, everyone should make their contribution. The idea behind our product KlimaInvest GREEN ELECTRICITY RE is that small amounts add up to something bigger. A contribution of 25 ct/MWh might seem small at first, but when many people come together, we can plant forests, raise wind turbines and power electric cars. For many of our climate partners, climate and environmental protection are of high importance that they voluntarily take further steps. Until now, our product KlimaInvest GREEN ELECTRICITY RE has funded more than 2 million euros!

Regional Electricity

The REGIO GOLD option is aimed at those who want to enhance the transition of the energy turnaround in an even more targeted manner, by integrating their regional plants into their electricity product. This option can be combined with one of our green power products KlimaInvest GREEN ELECTRICITY or KlimaInvest GREEN ELECTRICITY RE. The quality attributes and our principles apply equally to REGIO GOLD products, depending on which product you choose.

With the introduction of the regional verification register on 01.01.2019 and the option to use regional verification, electricity customers have the opportunity to obtain their electricity from wind energy, photovoltaic, biomass and hydroelectric power plants within a radius of 50 km. This means that the issue of regionality is also gaining ground in the electricity market, enabling customers to be certain that they “buy“ electricity regionally.

If you do not operate your own plants, we will of course help searching for options. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

For those who want to support the energy turnaround in Germany as well as obtain their physical electricity from an unsubsidized German renewable energy plant, it could be interesting to integrate PPAs into the green power purchases. The regional expansion of renewable energies will be directly promoted and decarbonization will be pursued in a targeted manner. Depending on your company and customers you can select a specific renewable energy plant that fits to your needs and requirements. In addition, we also supply marketing material, which you are welcome to use in your communications.

Overview PPA

Project example Solarpark Südbrookmerland

Südbrookmerland is an area in East Frisia, situated at the lake Großes Meer. Idyllic villages with old churches and beautifully restored mills give the area its charm. The canals and the lake form seemingly endless waterways on which you can canoe and paddle. Picturesque tree-lined avenues and natural paths along fields and meadows invite you to spend time outdoors and enjoy the clear sea air. Here you are always welcomed with a friendly "Moin".

Example Project portfolio Germany

Throughout Germany, some suppliers and their customers are actively looking for a way to promote regional projects in different locations. Here, a selected and well-mixed project portfolio from the different regions in Germany are offered. In the portfolio, plants are included depending on the supply of sun and wind, thus offering a comprehensive and diverse portfolio.

Would you like to join us in promoting energy system transformation and climate protection?

Or do you still have questions?

In any case, we look forward to hearing from you!


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