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Great things can only be achieved in a team and we can only be successful with committed partners.

Over the last 10 years we have had the pleasure of working with numerous committed suppliers, companies and organizations. Meanwhile we are privileged to supply more than 400 energy suppliers with renewable electricity and/or climate neutral gas and support several companies on their climate-neutral way. An excerpt of our climate partners and cooperations can be found here.

Teutoburger Energie Netzwerk eG (TEN) supplies the people in Hagen a.T.W., Bad Laer, Bad Iburg, Hilter and Glandorf reliably and environmentally friendly, with green electricity, climate neutral natural gas and district heating.

Since 2018, it has offered its customers exclusively green electricity. For all those who want to take a step further, they offer the product PuraStrom 2.0. This is a GREEN ELECTRICITY RE product in which a fixed amount per kilowatt hour sold is initially collected in a funding pot and later invested in climate protection and environmental projects in the region. Regional associations and organizations can apply for this kind of support. Customers and other interested parties vote online to determine which projects should be supported. The three projects with the most votes win and receive the amount of funding that has accumulated, depending on the kilowatt hours consumed.

In the beginning of 2018, "Blumiger Landkreis Osnabrück", "Verein für eine lebenswerte Umwelt e.V." from Dissen and "Naturfreunde Glandorf e.V." received the most votes and each received a check of 3,000 €. The aim of the organisations is to improve the climate and protect the environment and nature by planting trees, creating habitats or flowering meadows. The "Verein für eine lebenswerte Umwelt e.V." has been initiating tree planting campaigns in the region for several years. Deciduous or fruit trees of local species and in many varieties are planted to improve the microclimate in the region and serve as compensation measures for sealing areas. Information evenings on topics such as photovoltaics or electric mobility are also held regularly. The funding provided by Teutoburger Energie Netzwerk eG will be used to carry out further tree planting campaigns and also to award tree sponsorships.

Around every two years, Teutoburger Energie Netzwerk eG invites associations, organizations and institutions to apply. Customers and interested parties can then again participate in online voting to decide which action or project they wish to support. This creates transparency and trust and ensures sustainable and confiding customer loyalty. Worthy of imitation!


Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost is a unique world of knowledge and experience on the topics of climate, climate change and weather. Along the 8th degree of longitude, the visitor embarks on a journey around the world, experiencing the different climatic zones of the world at close and in an exciting and impressive way.

In order to set a good example, Klimahaus relies on an innovative energy concept that aims to produce as little CO₂ emissions as possible. This consists, amongst others, of the highly modern construction for efficient energy utilization and the climate neutralization of the remaining emissions through the use of energy. Once the emissions have been determined, they are offset in climate protection projects located worldwide.

Exterior view: Marcus Meyer, Klimahaus

In order to complete the experience of the journey along the 8th degree of longitude, Klimahaus also wanted to obtain its green power supply from a power station on this exact meridian. In addition, they wanted the climate protection project to be located there, a challenge that we as KlimaInvest gladly accepted. We found what we were looking for in the south of Norway near the Skagerrak Sea, where the river Nidelva forms the main river, Arendalsvassdraget. The river makes its way through the beautiful and versatile landscape over a distance of 210 kilometres before it flows into the sea in Arendal. Along the way, the Bøylefoss power station uses a 62-metre difference in altitude in Nidelva river to generate environmentally friendly green power. In close cooperation with Teutoburger Energie Netwerk eG, KlimaInvest supplies green power from this hydroelectric power plant to Klimahaus.

We finally discovered the right climate protection project in Ghana. By providing energy-efficient cooking stoves fired with harvest waste, less CO₂ emissions and soot particles are released into the air. This helps protect the climate and the environment, but also enhances the health of local families. By firing the stoves with harvest waste, the often labor intense search for firewood is no longer necessary and the existing forests are preserved.

Klimahaus offers a unique opportunity to get to know the most diverse climatic zones and the conditions of the people living there in just a few hours. This can be experienced with all senses and it awakens curiosity and conveys knowledge. Everything is energy efficient and it creates awareness that our world is a beautiful place worthy of protection.


Antarctic tent: David Farcas, Klimahaus

CTS Gruppen- und Studienreisen GmbH organizes climate-neutral school trips, university excursions and other group trips. CTS offers to take you to the most beautiful cities and regions in Germany and across Europe. With 45 years of experience within group travel, they offer tailor made trips ensuring fascinating architecture, scenic highlights, lively artist scenes and warm hospitality, depending on the customers preferences.

At the headquarters in Lemgo, 120 employees work to meet the needs and wishes of the customers. At CTS everything is done on a climate-neutral and environmentally conscious way. For instance, all travel processing is paperless and CTS additionally supports the German Climate Foundation which provides schools with the opportunity to apply for travelling exhibitions and workshops. More information is available on the CTS website.

One of the supported climate protection projects in Egypt ...

As one of the first German tour operators, CTS has decided to offer all trips climate-neutral, without extra costs for the customer. CTS is taking a pioneering role and we are delighted to be a partner in this project. Travel, especially air travel, generates climate-damaging emissions. This cannot be avoided, but they can be offset. In climate protection projects located worldwide, CO₂ savings are made, for example, by planting trees, using biomass or using water or wind power.

In the past, the waste here simply rotted and the methane gas escaped into the atmosphere.

The guiding principle of CO₂ compensation is based on the fact that it is not relevant where on earth CO₂ or other climate-damaging gases are saved. The main thing is that it happens, because climate is global. Therefore, climate protection projects are mostly located in emerging and developing countries, because there much more can be achieved with the same means. And quite incidentally, the local population is also supported because the projects create jobs, expand the infrastructure and strengthen the economy.

Today, the waste is composted and precious humus is produced, which literally makes the desert bloom in Egypt.

2000 jobs, a health center, schools, educational workshops and even a university have been created in this way. The products and remedies that are produced are of organic quality to the highest Demeter standard and the project is part of the Fairtrade network. In Egypt, where otherwise agriculture is only possible on the Nile, the project is improving the living conditions of the population in a sustainable way.

In this way, you can start and enjoy your journey with a much better climate balance and take the opportunity to learn about climate protection right away.

We think that's good, and you?

Every journey counts …

The Research and Transfer Centre for Sustainability and Climate Impact Management (FTZ-NK) at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences has been organizing an online climate conference on a regular basis for several years.

It will communicate research results on climate change and its consequences and offers young scientists from all over the world the opportunity to present their own research on a global stage. The conference will also provide information on numerous concrete projects, initiatives and strategies that are currently being implemented and carried out on five continents, presenting the latest examples of global activities to protect the climate.

The virtual event contributes through its comprehensive program to the fulfilment of the global sustainability goal 13 "Immediate action to combat climate change and its effects" ("Climate Action", sustainable development goal, SDG 13).

Anyone who has access to the internet can take part - whether in the office, at school, at university, from home or on the road. For 7 days, the online climate conference offers unlimited and free access to high-quality scientific articles, climate projects and online courses around the clock. It is a unique opportunity for a worldwide dialogue and exchange of ideas with involved scientists, experts from politics, economy and society and the participating conference community.

Of course, the conference itself is climate-neutral and we are very pleased to be able to support this great initiative as a partner and sponsor. The emissions of the conference participants, which result from the use of PCs, laptops or mobile phones, will be offset in Gold Standard climate protection projects located around the world. In addition to the actual goal of climate and environmental protection, Gold Standard projects always focus on supporting the economy in the project country and improving the social situation of the population at the project location.

Information about the next conference and more at:
https://www.haw-hamburg.de/en/ftz-nk/veranstaltungen/climate2020.html and

Allianz für Entwicklung und Klima is an association comprising of different companies, authorities, associations, universities, project developers, compensation providers and private individuals who have recognized that climate protection is one of the greatest challenges of our time and want to act accordingly. CO2 emissions are to be avoided or reduced and the remaining emissions are to be offset in climate protection projects located worldwide.

We are very pleased to be part of this initiative!

Climate policy is always equaling development policy, as people in developing countries suffer the most from the effects of climate change, largely generated by Western industrial nations. This makes it even more important to support people in the project countries by promoting climate protection projects, by creating jobs in climate-friendly agriculture and forestry as well as in forest conservation and renewable energies.

Climate change

  • endangers 80 million people in coastal areas
  • could result in up to 140 million people in the southern part of the world losing their homes by 2050
  • is responsible for the loss of 13 million hectares of forest every year - 12% of global CO2 emissions are due to deforestation
  • has already destroyed one third of the mangroves existing worldwide - mangroves bind three to five times more CO2 than other forests and additionally protect against flooding

It is about time to become active! Everyone can and should make a contribution. That is why we, for example, buy green electricity and plant as many trees every month as the number of employees. We work with modern and energy-efficient technology, don't have company cars and use public transport and trains instead. We offset the emissions we produce through climate protection projects that also support the local population. Once a year, we also get involved as a team and renature the Alster river or do maintenance work in orchards.

It is not that difficult to do good and everything begins with small steps.

Are you with us?


An extract of further cooperation and partners:

Would you like to join us in promoting energy system transformation and climate protection?

Or do you still have questions?

In any case, we look forward to hearing from you!


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