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Climate Neutrality

for companies & events

How climate neutrality works

By making your company, your event or your logistics climate-neutral, you protect the environment and ensure a CO2 reduction. In addition, you also support the people in the project countries by creating a basis for their livelihood and improving their living standards. Our video on a forest protection and reforestation project in Brazil in the Amazonas shows how this can look like:

The combustion of fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal and oil releases CO2.

Business trips, daily company operations, logistics or events also generate emissions that enter the atmosphere and damage the climate. Your climate-damaging emissions are determined via the so-called carbon footprint and then offset by climate protection projects located around the world.

Our project portfolio includes worldwide climate protection projects.

Most projects are promoted in developing countries, where it is possible to achieve more with the same amounts of funding, due to lower costs in the project countries. In addition to numerous ecological benefits, climate protection projects also improve the living conditions of the local people. We support this as much as you do.

Are you already active in the field of climate and environmental protection or would you like to be?

Together with your customers you support projects in remote regions, help to improve the infrastructure, create income opportunities and at the same time protect nature and the environment. We will be happy to help you find suitable projects and advise you on all questions regarding climate neutrality. No matter if you want to make your whole company climate-neutral, your travels, selected events or your shipping, we will find a suitable solution for you. Of course we also take special requests.

Construction of wells, Malawi

Especially in the dry season, clean drinking water is difficult to obtain in Malawi. The project aims to facilitate access to clean drinking water through the construction of wells. By doing so, the collection of firewood for boiling water becomes redundant, forests are conserved and CO2 is saved. Additionally, the standard of living of the local population increases and diseases caused by polluted drinking water diminish.

Use of wind energy, Turkey

The environmental conditions in Turkey are well suited for electricity generation from wind. In the province of Mersin, a wind farm with 13 wind turbines is constructed on a plateau, generating environmentally-friendly electricity. The use of renewable electricity saves large amounts of CO2 and prevents the emission of soot particles and other pollutants that are produced during coal combustion. In addition, jobs are created and the local economy is strengthened.

Your Benefits

• We are offering professional consultation regarding products and ecology.

• Your operation/events/logistics etc. runs as usual, we take care of the rest and determine your emissions that are offset in climate protection projects.

• We procure the CO2 reduction according to your wishes; from now on your activities are certified climate-neutral.

• The issuing and cancellation of the CO2 emission reductions will be carried out and officially confirmed by us via audited international registers.

• We have our bookings checked annually by TÜV Rheinland.

You will receive our full service marketing package for the successful presentation of your climate-neutral activities.


Our entire management in the area of climate neutral gas and climate neutrality as well as all bookings for the upstream chain emissions are audited every year by TÜV Rheinland and awarded a certificate. As a municipal utility/energy supplier, you can also have yourself audited and certified as a climate-neutral company through us. Click here for the certificate

Please feel free to contact us.

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Would you like to join us in promoting energy system transformation and climate protection?

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