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Climate Neutral Gas

Our Principles

During the combustion of fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal and oil, CO2 is released into the atmosphere.

Although natural gas is considered a clean fuel in comparison to other fossil fuels, it nevertheless produces climate-damaging emissions. This is different in the case of climate neutral gas, where the emissions occurring during the combustion of natural gas are determined and balanced out in climate protection projects.

Our project portfolio includes worldwide climate protection projects.

Most projects are supported in developing countries, where more can be achieved with the same amount of funding, due to lower costs in the project country. In addition to numerous ecological benefits, climate protection projects also improve the living conditions of the local people. We support this as much as you do.

You are probably already engaged in your region and promote social or sustainable projects on your doorstep.

Maybe you plant trees together with your customers or have a CHP plant? It makes sense that you also attach importance to climate protection and sustainability in regard to your gas product. If you would like to go beyond that, we would be happy to help you and advise on all questions regarding climate neutral gas, climate neutrality and regionality.

Our Products

We want to protect nature, the climate and at the same time help people to achieve a better standard of living and show them the value of the nature surrounding them. Therefore, when selecting projects for our products, we consider social aspects in addition to the CO2 savings and environmental benefits.

Climate is global and affects all of us, thus increasing awareness and education is crucial. It is important that everyone has the chance to contribute so that we together can preserve our world as we know it.

Selected examples from our diverse project portfolio, from which you as a municipal utility/energy supplier can obtain your CO2 reduction, can be found below.

Cooking Stoves, Ghana

Cooking with energy-efficient stoves results in a lower amount of CO2 emissions and soot particles being released into the surrounding air. This is not only good for the environment, but also for the health of families who would otherwise be exposed to the smoke produced by indoor cooking. The stoves are fired with biomass such as harvest waste, which makes the burning of wood redundant and conserves forests.

Water Filter, Kenya

Clean drinking water is scarce in Kenya. The water from water points is unprotected, consumed by animals as well as used for bathing. Therefore, it becomes a breeding ground for parasites and a source of diseases that are of great danger, especially for children and elderly people. To boil water, women and children often have to travel long distances to collect firewood. The project in Kenya provides water filters and trains the people in how to use them properly so that the incidences of diseases are reduced. Firewood is also no longer needed, which protects the forests and saves CO2.

Forest Conservation, Brazil (Forest for living)

One of the most water-rich areas in Brazil is located in the north of the country. This project protects 90,000 hectares of unique vegetation from deforestation and slash-and-burn practices. This creates the "forest for living" which, in addition to reforestation, ensures a sustainable livelihood for the local population. This is established through agricultural practices such as growing açaí berries, produce seeds and renature garden areas. In addition, the population is provided expert consultation on agriculture and forest protection to learn, for example, how to use gardens to renature areas and produce seeds.

Your Benefits

• We are offering professional consultation regarding products and ecology.

• You procure your physical natural gas as usual, we take care of the rest.

• We procure the CO2 reduction according to your wishes as an addition to your natural gas portfolio; your climate neutral gas portfolio is climate-neutral.

• The issuing and cancellation of the CO2 emission reductions will be carried out and officially confirmed by us via audited international registers.

• We have our bookings certified annually by TÜV Rheinland.

You receive our full service marketing package for a successful marketing of your climate neutral gas.


Our entire management in the area of climate neutral gas and climate neutrality as well as all bookings for the upstream chain emissions are audited every year by TÜV Rheinland and awarded with a certificate. In addition, as a municipal utility/energy supplier, you can also have your climate neutral gas product individually verified and certified through us. Click here for the certificate

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